Welcome to our newest team member

Lorraine Geist joined the team at CFO Your Way in late February as a bookkeeper, after many years as a controller for a law firm and other small businesses. She is applying her experience in senior accounting, operations, and financial management to her work with several of our clients in multiple industries—and is enjoying the variety of work very much.

Throughout her career, Lorraine, who earned a BS in accounting from Wilmington University, has worked on the entire gamut of accounting and other areas, including generating company budgets and financial forecasts and preparing financial statements, accounts payable and receivable, resource/vendor management, payroll, and human resources. She also played a significant role in helping streamline her employers’ operations to drive growth and profitability.

At CFO Your Way, her workload is just as diverse to meet the specific needs of each client. She is delighted to be, in her words, “at a small company with a fabulous group of people. Everyone is helpful, there’s great teamwork here, and I’m really loving it!”

We’re loving having Lorraine on our team!


Let’s make filing 2022 taxes less stressful

Was filing your 2021 taxes stressful? Now is the time to think about why it was so difficult and to get organized and be better prepared for 2022 (your tax preparer will thank you!). So, start getting your company’s finances in order…NOW!

● Implement accounting software and keep your transactions up to date. Once properly set up, run income & expense reports, maintain an updated reconciled balance sheet, and review all of these on a regular basis.

● Missing receipts make it hard to document expenses. Scan all your receipts and attach to each transaction in your accounting system.  If you do not have this capability, set up a folder on your computers desktop and save them there.

● Address receivables that are past due. This affects your cash flow and profitability. Do you have an accounts receivables policy to stay on top of delinquent invoices?

● Use your financial story to make educated business decisions throughout the year and share them with your tax preparer. There may be some tax savings opportunities.

If emptying out that tax-related documents box and trying to update your reports is causing you stress, CFO Your Way can help. We’ll organize your financial paperwork, identify what’s missing, set up your accounting software correctly, and prepare all the reports you’ll need to make filing your tax return a smooth transaction. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your needs—and see how much easier it is to file your corporate taxes when you work with a virtual CFO.