Welcome Leandra Rabe to the CFO Your Way Team

Leandra has joined CFO Your Way as a full-time bookkeeper. She has extensive experience in this role, having done bookkeeping for a busy franchise as well as working for a CPA, serving his diverse clientele and gaining tax accounting experience. Leandra performs the entire range of bookkeeping services, from reconciliations to managing accounts payable and receivable to preparing accurate financial reports, statements and projections. She also co-owned a home services company, where of course she handled all bookkeeping and tax filing activities. Leandra is well-versed in all things QuickBooks as well as several popular office administration and customer relationship management programs.

Leandra holds a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies from William Paterson University and was an on-air radio personality at the college radio station for several years—so you’ll find she’s a pleasure to talk to.

We’re delighted she chose CFO Your Way, citing our team’s professionalism and high standards (which she said are “a breath of fresh air”); and we’re delighted she chose bookkeeping for her career. As she says, “Numbers are black and white—there’s no grey. They tell you where the business stands financially at any time.” We agree wholeheartedly!

We love having Leandra on our team! Click here to connect with Leandra on LinkedIn.