Do You Have a Team You Love?

We Do!

Your company has the goods and services other people want and need. All well and good; but you need a strong team in place to deliver on the value your customers expect.

Your employees represent your business in so many ways, whether they are client facing or in the back office, sight unseen. They are the voices on the phone, the team leaders on the virtual conference call, the problem solvers and customer service providers . . . the professionals with expertise and experience that drives your business and client satisfaction.

Hiring a strong staff starts with finding people who align with your company values; after all, they are the ones who uphold and polish your company’s reputation and support its mission in everything they do. When you’ve built the right team, you have people who not only provide service—they also provide important continuity for your business, thereby reducing the need for expensive recruiting and onboarding time and again. They know your business, are eager to dive in, support each other, and want to grow as your company grows.

With the right team, you worry less about turnover and retention issues and more about how to celebrate your staff members’ successes, professional growth, and milestones.

 – Cheryl Mucha

At CFO Your Way, we understand the importance of not only putting together a great team, but also bringing together the right professionals who mesh well with each other. We have a team we love for so many reasons! Teamwork and support are the linchpins of our excellent client service and our team has been an invaluable part of our growth and success.

Two team members, Steven Blankrot and Lucille Gabel, are celebrating their second anniversary with us and have been an integral part of that growth. Steve is a CPA and manager of CFO Your Way, who provides expert guidance to our clients about their financial matters. Steve also supervises all bookkeeping activities, and he’s an ace at setting up business technology systems to improve clients’ processes and accounting. Lucille is one of our bookkeepers, with experience as a business owner as well as in human resources and compliance. She understands firsthand how important it is to maintain accurate, updated financial records and how this impacts an entire operation.

Thank you, Steve and Lucille for your continued dedication to CFO Your Way and our clients! We appreciate you, as we do everyone on our team, who contribute so much to our clients and our company every day.

One of my business colleagues, Rich Largman, just wrote this LinkedIn article, 2021: Accelerate Your Business Success, that shares some of the same sentiments. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read about Rich’s take on “The Three P’s” in business (HINT: one is People!). Click here to read his LinkedIn article and feel free to connect with Rich on LinkedIn as well!


Here’s to YOUR strong team getting things done in 2021!