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Like you, I’m getting bombarded with emails as companies and the government do their best to roll out support to us, our employees, and our nation.

Here are some important topics for this week – click each link to be taken the full article:

Making sense of NJ employee unemployment benefits

Employer Tax Credits (for paid leave) in the Coronavirus Relief Bill

Tax payment deadline change, but NOT tax filing

10 Ways to Cope with a Recession 

How do we move from Illness to Wellness?

NJ.gov Coronavirus info for NJ businesses

Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance

Be sure to contact your accountant or CPA to explore the implications of these fast-changing benefits on your business.

While I know we’re all scrambling tactically right now, it’s critical to soon switch to addressing the impact on your business strategically. I’ll address that more in next week’s newsletter. You can subscribe here.

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Cheryl Mucha 

PS – Hopefully, you’ll appreciate the little bit of “potty humor” above as well! 🙂