Webinar at CPAacademy.org

Are you asking yourself how much will the needle move in your business if you elevate the engagement and retention of your employees?

I am excited to be a speaker alongside Mark James, President of Performance Advisors Group, at the webinar “Move the Needle by Solving the Employee Engagement and Retention Conundrum”!

In this webinar we’ll discuss

  • leveraging the circle of success
  • ways to increase hybrid/remote workplace performance
  • the #1 reason customers leave and how to avoid it
  • factors impacting true employee costs
  • why company core values matter

When: Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 6:00PM EST

Cost: Free

CPE Credits for CPA’s: 1.0 hour

Learn more and register here


Get ready for 2024…

By putting year-end planning protocols in place before the end of the year, CPAs can guide their clients with real data in the coming year and beyond. Tips for helping them see, know, and understand their numbers.

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