For a sunflower to reach its greatest potential, it needs certain conditions – consistent watering, well-drained soil, fertilizer, and bright sun.  Each of these will help the plant to build strong roots and big, beautiful blooms. All are needed, along with patience and care, to produce a large, seed producing flower.

Just like this sunflower from my garden, we at CFO Your Way know the conditions needed for a sustainable, growing company:

  • Accurate, up-to-date financials,
  • Streamlined, efficient processes,
  • Strong internal controls to protect your financials assets, and
  • A business that can run when you are on vacation.

ALL are needed for a company to make it to next year!  One sunflower produces many seeds with the right growing environment, guaranteeing next year’s crop.  Planting the seeds now in a business will contribute to next year’s advancement.

Our Comprehensive Financial & Operational (CFO) Assessment will provide you with detailed insight into your organization – how it is performing financially and how it operates, lending to making educated business decisions so your company can grow, bloom and plant many seeds for next year!

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