Is your business leaving you puzzled?

After hearing from business owners that they need a deeper understanding of:

  • Their financials,
  • How their organization operates,
  • Are their financial assets safe, and
  • Ways to be more efficient,

CFO Your Way added a service to our offerings.

With our Comprehensive Financial & Operational (CFO) Assessment, CFO Your Way will align the pieces of your company!

Our job in this role is to make recommendations to bring alignment across the organization and bring clarity to the numbers that often confuse a business owner. Most owners are visionary entrepreneurs and results driven. What they often forget is that creating a financial picture of their organization takes time, expertise, and diligent consideration.

CFO Your Way will begin by:

  • Interviewing key personnel to assess roles, responsibilities, and job descriptions as well as interaction with other personnel and departments.
  • Evaluating processes in the accounting function to streamline, close gaps, and identify redundancy.
  • Assessing your accounting system & internal controls.
  • Considering financial statement structure to provide accurate, useful reporting.

We will then provide you with suggestions based on our findings, lay out a roadmap, and include some accounting education. Also, we will provide real-life examples of existing client situations that are similar in nature and explain how we guided the client.

The roadmap will provide you with detailed insight into the finances of your organization and help you make educated business decisions.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your unique business puzzle and discover how the pieces fit together.