about-pictureTypical CPA firms see their clients only once or twice a year. Clients typically deal with associates and not a senior-level accountant. And the services are typically cut and dry.

CFO Your Way is anything but typical.

We see our clients as often as they need. We can be a visible presence in your office on a regular basis, or the invisible advisor remotely managing your accounting processes behind the scenes.

Our clients only deal with an experienced CPA who is qualified to perform the work and is available to answer your questions.

As we learn more about your business, your business model, and how you operate, we’re going to suggest opportunities to save money and increase your bottom line as we identify them. We won’t turn a blind eye because “that’s not in the contract.”

Why CFO Your Way?     

We are small business owners and we have worked with small-to-medium sized businesses for more than 25 years. As such, we understand when:

You don’t have the needs or resources for a full time CFO or accounting staff, but your business could benefit from this level of financial expertise.

You, the business owner, want to cede the accounting and finance responsibilities to a trusted, qualified advisor, freeing you to concentrate on other areas of your business more suited to your qualifications.

We provide our clients a range of financial and accounting services and support options from bookkeeping to financial-statement preparation, budgeting and forecasting, and accounting software implementation and training.

What we offer

  • An exceptional financial team
  • A cost-effective way to manage your business
  • Skilled staff who are ready to engage
  • Entrepreneurial guidance
  • Flexibility and customization to meet your business needs

What we deliver

  • Increased bottom line as a result of improved accounting and operational efficiencies
  • Improved business decisions via accurate financial data and analysis
  • Financial reporting that is clear and actionable at the highest level
  • Valuable time back to business owners and employees formerly responsible for these accounting functions

Don’t wait another day.  Contact CFO Your Way at (973) 897-0650 or cheryl@cfoyourway.com.