“CFO Your Way has joined my tight circle of trusted advisors as I run my business. While I hired them as a bookkeeper, they have moved into a “controller or CFO role” and are constantly accessible to me when I have questions and to provide advice. Cheryl spends time with me going over financial data and running reports so that I can make smart financial decisions as my business grows. I think of her team as my outsourced finance department and I know them to be dependable, responsive and trustworthy. I would highly recommend their services.”

Rachel Durkan
Founder & Owner
Paradigm Marketing & Design

“Cheryl is a true professional in every sense of the word. She usually has the answer to your questions and if she doesn’t you can count on her to find out and get back to you in a timely manner.”

Nicholas R. Pontilena, CFP
Financial Advisor
Primary Financial

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt once quipped. “This is the exact mantra that comes to mind when I envisage my experience with CFO YOUR WAY. Delivering a wonderful client experience is a competitive differentiator which CFO YOUR WAY balances exceptionally well. I worked with Cheryl when I was setting up my consulting group. Her one-on-one approach and attention to detail helped establish trust between us and made me feel comfortable asking all the questions I needed to ask. More importantly, I needed to work with a highly trained professional who could provide advanced accounting expertise and showed good financial values. Cheryl was able to provide that efficiently. I am happy to recommend CFO YOUR WAY and trust that it continues to stay true to its remarkable customer-centric approach to doing business.”

Peter D. Afari
CashFlow Business Consulting Group

“Cheryl is an excellent partner in our firm’s growth. She is an expert at her job and very trustworthy. We actually enjoy accomplishing the accounting and bookkeeping with Cheryl now because she makes it easy and has such a great personality and outlook.”

Mark Mascia
President & CFO
Mascia Development, LLC

“Cheryl is diligent and very proficient with a wide range of accounting and administrative skills. She has extensive experience working with both larger and smaller corporations, and readily adapts to change, which is common within today’s business climate. Cheryl has a caring personality and strong communications skills which facilitate her ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with her clients and partners.”

Michael Lizzio
Insurance Professional

“I met Cheryl through a networking group we both became members of. Week after week, Cheryl displayed such professionalism and efficiency with respect to the needs of the organization of which we were a part. Tax season came and my son was in need of a tax preparer; little did I know, she would be much more to my son than that. Upon completing his tax returns which in it of itself was no huge task, Cheryl took to the time out to have an educational discussion with him on the topic of starting a retirement fund. This is something I had tried to discuss with my son for a year, but with her expertise on the benefits a retirement account could yield, the following week my son set up an account and has been making regular contributions to it every month. Cheryl truly is someone you want to have with regard to your accounting, tax preparation and long term decision making team for your business.”

Jessica Ballew
Branch Manager
Columbia Bank

“Cheryl and CFO Your Way helped to take our business to the next level by allowing us to focus on growing the company’s revenue side while being able to outsource accounting and financial reporting functions to CFO Your Way. We are extremely satisfied with the services and I can with no doubt recommend Cheryl.”

Konrad Konik
Batlic Property Group LLC