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Clients engage CFO Your Way because they trust us to handle their company’s accounting and financial responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean we hold their information, or how we process the data, hostage.

Some business owners want to be able to run reports and get a pulse on how their company is performing on a regular basis. As clients express the desire to know more and to do more on their own, we are happy to oblige.

A personalized training experience

Because we get to know you and your business on such a personal level, we tailor our hands-on training based on what you want to know and all that we believe you should know to continue making smart business decisions. We will provide you and your designated staff with:

• Training on the basic accounting and finance functions
• Deep dives into various spreadsheets and financial reports, explaining what the numbers mean and how they are used
• One-on-one training on QuickBooks or other accounting software programs
• Instructions on how to generate reports so you can track revenues and profitability, identify trends in spending and cash flow, monitor progress, toward your goals and revise projections accordingly

Transitioning to in-house operations

As our clients’ businesses grow, owners will often look to bring the accounting operations in-house. When that occurs, we shift our role to recruiter, teacher, mentor, and often overseer as needed. We will:

• Help you identify the right person for the job
• Work with your new employees so that they understand your corporate financials from prior years to current operations and future financial endeavors
• Train your employees on QuickBooks and other accounting processes and systems used on a daily basis so that they fully understand how things are and should be done
• Work hand-in-hand with you and your in-house staff to ensure the entire transition is smooth and seamless for your busines
• Continue to oversee the accounting operations and provide ongoing value to your organization

CFO Your Way educational services give clients a better understanding of their business performance. Contact us today to learn more: (973) 897-0650 or

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