As a small business owner, don’t ask yourself, “Am I capable of handling my company’s bookkeeping needs?” Rather, the questions should be:

iStock_000018214444XSmall• Do I have the time during my busy day?
• Do I have the desire to add this to my already full plate?
• Do I have the knowledge to know if it can be done better?

You can count on the professionals at CFO Your Way to flawlessly perform your bookkeeping and internal, day-to-day accounting functions:

• Paying bills
• Making deposits
• Staying on top of receivables
• Performing bank reconciliations
• Providing necessary financial and tax information to the business owner and/or tax preparer

We will gladly and expertly take these daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks off your plate, freeing up your time so you can focus on growing your business. We will run reports, or show you how, so you can use real-time financial data to make smart business decisions, including:

• Do I have the cash flow to purchase this equipment now or do I need to wait?
• What is my profitability on this product, service, project, or client?
• How do my actual numbers compare to my goals and projections?

While we’re at it, we serve as the eyes and ears of your organization; because, in the course of what we do, we often identify opportunities to save money or spend your money more efficiently. That’s information we can’t and won’t keep to ourselves.

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