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What Makes a Great CFO?

A great Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is like a sports coach. This individual ensures that the organization makes the best use of its resources, plays by the rules and reaches its full potential. A CFO is not simply a skilled accountant. Rather, a great CFO is strategic and not only asks the right questions but… Read more »

The Importance of Being Earnest about Bookkeeping

As a small-business owner, you may think it is important to be customer focused.  However, it is just as critical to be finance focused. Small-business owners need to pay attention to bookkeeping and internal, day-to-day accounting functions such as recording expenses, invoicing and deposits. Bookkeeping is vital to properly managing business resources as well as… Read more »

How Your Company Could Benefit from a Virtual CFO

As a business owner or entrepreneur concentrating on growing your business, your main focus is likely to be on managing operations, attracting new customers, and recruiting and retaining talent. Often the company’s finances get overlooked. How would you like to have a virtual CFO working in conjunction with you? What’s a virtual CFO? A virtual… Read more »