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Time to Watch Your Business Garden Grow

In Part 1, we shared a few ways to begin looking at your two-to-four-year growth plan. Here are more tips about how to use this exploratory time wisely so you can make the strategic decisions that will strengthen your pathway to profitability: Stay current on industry/regional trends If your business view is only inward, it… Read more »

Time to Watch Your Business Garden Grow – Part 1

Congratulations! You’ve reached mid-year and things at your company are humming along. The planning is done, your financials are in order, and your processes are in place. humming along. The planning is done, your financials are in order, and your processes are in place.  Now is the time to start planning further ahead and come up… Read more »

Cheryl Mucha, CPA is Appointed Chairwoman of North Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Being strongly connected to my purpose to “Making the world a better place, one family-owned business at a time”, has brought in aligned opportunities… including my recent appointment as Chairwoman of the Board for The North Jersey Chamber of Commerce. I’m thrilled to be serving the local business community in this expanded way!   NEWS RELEASE… Read more »

Meet the Team at CFO Your Way

You know the old saying, “Behind every business owner is a great team?” If you haven’t heard that one, know that at CFO Your Way, this holds true every day, for me as the business owner and for our clients, who rely on my team’s expertise and care to put their finances in order and… Read more »

Align and Implement Your New Processes (Part 1)

There is an old saying that states, “You can’t get there if you don’t know where you’re going.” Whether that’s on a road trip or in your business, it’s very true! So, where are you heading with your business? With a full quarter of business and financials behind you, it’s time to look at those… Read more »

The Path to Profitability: Cut What Your Business Doesn’t Need to Help it Grow

Last month we looked at the steps business owners should take to start positioning their business for profitability in 2019: evaluating financials, policies and procedures, and employees against your long-term and short-term objectives. Now that you’ve completed that analysis, it’s time to prune what you don’t need to bring in more of what will generate… Read more »