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As I began 2017 I had some big goals on my plate. I’m sure you can relate with the fact that I achieved some – and others needed to shift because I and my company needed to shift.

This year, I’ve enjoyed getting CFO Your Way’s new tagline out into the community “Helping business owners keep more of their hard-earned money” because that is what drives me each and every day. It’s the WHY behind what I do.

Towards that end, one of the goals I achieved was becoming an Author. I know! I’m thrilled to be publishing my workbook on Amazon early next year “Smooth Business Sailing: 12 Tips to Sustain Your Cash Flow.”   Cash Flow is key for a healthy business, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. I wanted to create an accessible tool to teach business owners how to attain it so they can continue to serve their communities, employees, and families.

As a current member of my network, I’d like you to have my new workbook in digital form as a token of my appreciation for allowing me to show up in your online space.

Click here  to download a copy of the eWorkbook. Just print it off; It is easy to follow with questions and tables to complete as you learn each tip.

As we look towards 2018, I wish you joy and prosperity in your life and your business.

Happy Holidays!

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