Your payment practices

Let’s  look at your payment practices. Your payment practices have a direct effect on your cash flow, and it’s important to make them work harder for you!

In my book, “Smooth Business Sailing: 12 Tips to Sustain Your Cash Flow,” Tips #5 and #6 give you tables to plot your credit card, loan, and other payments as well as planning your payments to vendors.

These two exercises will show you where you can manipulate your company’s cash flow so that it favors you AND still meets your obligations to others. Many business owners overlook this simple exercise that could keep them afloat.

Don’t let that be you. Click here to get the book!

Cheryl Mucha

PS – If plotting all that information out into tables makes your eyes glaze over, just go to and book your complimentary Discovery Session to see if CFO Your Way can take some of that burden from you.

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