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Cash is King

Have you gotten your copy of my book “Smooth Business Sailing: 12 Tips to Sustain Your Cash Flow” yet? I created this book to help you take a strategic look at how your business is doing so you can determine the changes you need to make. The first two Tips begin by drawing your attention to the… Read more »

What can QuickBooks do for my business?

Jack be nimble, Jack be…QuickBooks? Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software among small businesses, but are you maximizing its potential? As an acclaimed small business accounting software, QuickBooks has tremendous functionality and features which can help business owners effectively and efficiently manage their business. QuickBooks is available in both desktop and online… Read more »

12 Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow in 2016

“Cash is king” is a hard and fast truth in business. Cash is necessary to pay salaries, buy equipment and supplies, and pay the bills. It’s also important to have cash on hand for emergencies. So how can you improve the cash flow of your business in the upcoming year? 1. Prepare a budget: The… Read more »